Bloons Tower Defense 4

Game controls:

Use mouse to play

Game Description

Bloons Tower Defense 4 screenshot

Bloons Tower Defense 4, the famous defense game. Put monkeys in convenient locations to prevent and shoot down flying bloons. Upgrading a stronger monkey will help you shoot down bloons faster.


Dart Monkey: Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. Can convert to a spike-o-pult with level 4 upgrade. Hotkey D.

Tack Shooter: Shoots a volley of tacks in 8 directions. Has short range, but is good for thinning out bloons at intersections and corners. Hotkey T.

Boomerang Thrower: Throws a boomerang that follows a curved path back to the tower. Can pop multiple bloons at once. Hotkey R.

Bomb Tower: launches a bomb that explodes on impact. Can destroy many bloons at once. Hotkey B.

Ice Tower: Freezes nearby bloons with every pulse. Frozen bloons are immune to anything sharp. Hotkey I.

Mortar Tower: Targets a specific area of ground over any distance with an explosive attack. Hotkey M.

Glue Gunner: Shoots a glob of glue at bloon, slowing it down. Ceramic bloons can be glued but will not be slowed by it. Hotkey G.

Monkey Beacon: Increases the attack range of all stuff within the beacon area. Has several useful upgrades that help out nearby towers, including its ultimate ability to call in Super Monkey Storms. Hotkey N.

Monkey Ace: The only unit that moves, the Monkey Ace patrols the skies above the action, regularly strafing the area with powerful piercing darts. Hotkey A.

Monkey Buccaneer: The only unit that can be placed in water – the Monkey Buccaneer has a long range and shoots a single, heavy dart. Hotkey U.

Monkey Apprentice: Trained in the ancient arts of monkey wizardry. Learns new magic spells with every upgrade. This unit is flexible and will continue randomly using his old spells with his new ones. Hotkey W.

Road Spikes: Place These road spikes on the track to pop bloons. Can pop 10 bloons before waring out. Road spikes only last until the end of the round. Hotkey K.

Monkey Glue: Monkey glue slows down bloons. Each blob can slow down 20 bloons before wearing out. Monkey glue only lasts until the end of the round. Hotkey E.

Pineapple: Like all healthy food, pineapples explode violently shortly after being placed, so don’t put any down until you want to blow up some bloons. Hotkey P.

Dartling Gun: Shoots darts rapidly but a little inaccurately to wherever your mouse is. You can decide exactly where this tower will shoot by moving your mouse wherever you want.

Spike Factory: Generates piles of Roadspikes around the track automatically. Leftover spikes disappear at the end of each round.


Use Ice Tower to slow down bloons. Monkey Beacon will help increase the monkey's attack area. Super Monkey will help shoot down bloons faster. Upgrade is stronger when you have enough money.