Granny Strikes Back

Game controls:
Use WASD to move, use the mouse or arrow keys to shoot.
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Game Description
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Granny Strikes Back, a defense game, which prevents the snowman from attacking the house. Kill all enemies to level up and experience, use them to upgrade skills for Granny. Collect coins and use them to buy and upgrade equipment and items.

You can create a snowgirl to distract the snowmen. Move close to the yellow hat to build it. The snowgirl melts over time, do not forget to repair it.

Look out for crates and chests. They contain coins that can be used to buy upgrades in the shop. Crates can be destroyed with your weapons, while chests cannot be opened without a key.

It is time for a bonus mission! Try to collect all coins, destroy all crates, open all chests and catch all Santa Claus. Your time is very limited, hurry!

Vikings do not attack Granny but they destroy the house and buildings very quickly. Use watermelons against large grounds of enemies. Press Space or F to throw a watermelon. Build a well, it can freeze enemies.

Watch out for Kamikaze bombers! They can quickly run up to Granny and blow themselves up. If you build a scarecrow, Kamikazes will attack it instead of Granny. The Scarecrow is destroyed quickly, do not forget to repair it. Some snowmen are cowards. If they are frightened, they will drop their guns and try to run away. Destroy them before they can flee! Build a cellar, it spawns additional powerups.

Do not let the snowmen reach the house! Use your weapons to stop them. Gather sunflower seeds to refill your ammo. Gather sunflower seeds to refill your ammo. Sunflowers will grow faster if you water them with the can. Collect powerups to get special effects!

Select the difficulty level to start the game, finish game to unlock Unlimited mode. You can play the previous level to earn experience, raise levels and earn coins to upgrade equipment and items.
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