Happy Wheels

Game controls:
Shift/Ctrl: secondary actions.
Z: eject.
Space: primary action.
Up key: accelerate.
Left key: lean back.
Right key: lean forward.
Down key: decelerate.
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Game Description
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Happy Wheels is a fun and bloody entertainment game so it’s not for kids under the age of 13, with lots of characters and levels to choose from. Control your character through dangerous obstacles, try to reach the target with an intact character body, but it will be difficult.

Featured Levels:

obstacle course: prepare for the thrill of your life, watch out for bad things, this level isn’t too hard, I guess try it out or something.

gut bus extreme: heavily tested with all characters, spacebar grabs onto the inside of the bus, helping you stay inside use sparingly. Grabbing alters the physics and causes unpredictability. Feel free to make new versions, and vehicles, change jumps, etc. Give credit to here in credits if you do.

BMX_Park II: it’s back with larger jumps, a massive loop (watch your head), and higher speeds! Keep an eye out for more spikes, landmines, and a new grinder.

Snowy Mountain Final: Press Z at the start and hold on to the cable-car. 7 different ways to finish, can you find them all?

Dawn of the Dead.lv1: “Level1” Mr.Black worked with you at BioChem labs, until he went mad and dumped a neurotoxin into the towns water supply. The toxin turns people into blood thirsty monsters; luckily you are immune, but you need to release the antidote, save the town, and get revenge.

It Keeps Happening: dismount at the right angel to pull of wicked-sick flips turnkeys.

Rope Swings: Abandon your vehicle and swing your way to success. Remember, after ejecting you can grab onto things with spacebar. THIS IS HARD.

Slow movement will reduce injury. Try to balance. Watch your head with the helmet, the most important place to help reduce the injury.
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