Headless Zombie

Game controls:

  •  Move
     Throw head
     Head on/off
     Jump shoot head
     Box head

Game Description

Headless Zombie screenshot

Headless Zombie is a fun Halloween game, collect gold coins, overcome obstacles and enter the door through the next level. When you collect a total of 60 gold coins, you unlock the castle to find the witch who has turned Carl into a zombie.


Carl was an aristocrat, a man of noble birth, He had his own castle, his own horse, and plenty of money. His riches allowed him to buy anything he wanted, but they also awoke the envy of a certain dark magician. One day, the magician cast a spell on carl while he was out riding. Our hero fell off his horse and broke his neck with Carl dead, the magician easily took over there nobleman’s castle and his fabulous wealth. However, if you use magic for selfish ends, you should expect dire consequences.


Combine throws or attach heads to open or lock, overcome obstacles or collect coins.