Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Game controls:

Use the mouse to play.
[1] - Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell.
[2] - Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell.
[3] - Select/Cancel Hero
[4] - Select/Cancel Extra Hero
[SPACE] - Cancel any selected spell/power/rally point.
[P] - Pauses the game.
How to Save: The game automatically saves on the Map.

Game Description

Kingdom Rush Frontiers screenshot

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the game of building defensive towers and preventing enemies from attacking your kingdom. The game requires clear tactics, the skills to use towers properly and without errors if you don’t want to play again and again. The game has 3 levels, CASUAL for beginners, NORMAL and VETERAN will challenge tactics using your soldiers. Each map will have different tower locations, and the difficulty will increase gradually. You can also call heroes into battle, you will control heroes moving on the map and fighting against monsters.

After each kill the enemy, you will receive money. Use them to build more towers or upgrade them to the maximum level. Use stars to upgrade tower skills. Don’t forget to upgrade your hero’s skills.


Upgrading your towers to the maximum will help destroy enemies faster. Use the Crossbow Fort and Necromancer Tower will protect you in the best way. Rain of Fire. Rain of Fire will help you kill enemies quickly, but it takes time to recover.