Paper Minecraft

Game controls:

WASD: move, jump and swim.
Mouse Click: place or dig blocks, open Inventory or Chest, eat the help item.
Spacebar: Drop/Split an item from a stack.
O: save the game.
P: pause (spacebar to resume).
To open a chest, crafting table or furnace, place the mouse cursor over it and press E.

Game Description

Paper Minecraft screenshot

Paper Minecraft is a 2D version game, with many different characters and game modes to choose from. The game demonstrates your survival, adventure and creativity skills. Starting the game, you will collect resources and food, build a house or a settlement to live. Just like Minecraft, you will have different terrain like fields, forests, water and rocks. Pigs, sheep, dogs, wolves and other animals will also appear in this game, you will also hunt them or feed them. You will go to many places to exploit wood, go deep underground to exploit stone and minerals. Use them to create different tools and to build buildings. Imagine and create a world that completely follows your mind. Or you can download maps that other players have built up to enjoy. Start the game and build your own world right away.


You can save the world you created. Or you can download the worlds that other players have created and share them with you.