Snail Bob 5

Game controls:

Left mouse to interact.
Spacebar to hide in the shell.
1 to turn around.
2 to speed up.

Game Description

Snail Bob 5 screenshot

Snail Bob 5 is Bob’s exciting love story with a beautiful female snail singer. But meeting and dating her, Bob must cross the dangerous forest with difficult obstacles and challenges waiting. Ants will go along with Bob, and sometimes help Bob open important switches, or Bob will resort to his guidance. Each level will have different obstacles layout, Bob must observe and give solutions to go to the next level. There will be small game levels and require Bob to reach a certain level to unlock. Try to find and get 3 gold stars at each level as a gift for Bob’s lover.


Using shortcuts will control Snail Bob faster. Sometimes the gold star is hidden by insects, you must chase them away to find it.