Snail Bob 6

Game controls:

Left mouse to interact.
Spacebar to hide in the shell.
1 to turn around.
2 to speed up.

Game Description

Snail Bob 6 screenshot

Snail Bob 6 is a winter story that is not warm for Bob’s grandfather. Bob will cross the icy forest with traps and obstacles to defeat the evil Mr. Green, save Bob’s grandfather from the prison and get a peaceful Christmas season. Ants will carry a secret weapon and will assist Bob through the challenges. Don’t forget to find 3 gold stars before going to the next level. Enough levels will unlock mini game, when completed they will be rewarded with gold stars.


Using keyboard shortcuts to control Snail Bob will be faster. The golden star is sometimes hidden in socks or hidden by insects, you have to click on them and the golden star will appear.