Snow Drift

Game controls:

AD or left right key to run, up or spacebar to jump, S or down key to slide.

Game Description

Snow Drift screenshot

Snow Drift, adventure games obstacle. Help the Yeti go to on the cave, on the way there will be many obstacles preventing. Run on the large ice sheets, snow road thick. Avoid collisions with large penguins, dogs, bears, etc. If you touch them, the health of the Yeti will be reduced, 3 times the Yeti will die and you have to replay that level. The game has 20 levels for you to entertain.


Yeti can slide on ice, can not slide on snow. Keep an eye put for pesky little penguins. They can not hurt you so stack up the points by knocking them off the platforms. Most platforms you can jump onto from anywhere below them. You can only jump onto these square rock blocks. You can not jump through them.