Privacy Policy

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Izzytouch, also known as IZT, is committed to protecting private user information on its website. The purpose of privacy policy is to inform personal information when users provide and use the service of IZT. Users to access and use the services should comply with the terms of use below, the user read carefully as it is a compromise between you and IZT. These terms may be subject to review and change from time to time, IZT recommends that users regularly review these terms in order to be able to promptly update the information. IZT will make a notice of this policy on any change or update.

If the user has any questions please contact us and send the information to us, all your questions will be answered.

1.Registered members is a free gaming website, even if you are not registered as a member. But if you are a member, you will be able to use some of our advanced features, all for free, membership features include:

  • Update information, personal photos.
  • Statistics the games that you have played.
  • Exchange, make friends, exchange, comment game related information.
  • Save your favorite games.

When registering as an IZT member, we only ask for some personal information such as your user ID, email address, date of birth and password that you use. You warrant that the information you provide to us is complete, accurate and up-to-date. If we have over 180 days (06 months), we have the right to suspend or delete your account.

You are responsible for the email information registered on our website and used during the membership process must be completely valid email, and the system using your email access will not prevent or filter emails. message from We strongly recommend that you use your personal email to register your membership, and do not recommend using your work email, as your job email may block notifications from the services we provide to you.

If the Government, the court, or the judge’s order are required, in order to protect the operating system, we have the right to access and report any information we deem necessary or appropriate. Components from your information include: IP address, information, user history and content that you have saved on the website.

When you register as an IZT member, we will ask for a password, all the information about the password and email is very important, you must store it safely, let us know immediately. Immediately if you suspect someone is trying to steal or use your account without your permission. will send you notifications once we have new games, new features, new versions and other necessary information from IZT. Emails on your system can be filtered or blocked. Should IZT not be responsible for receiving your newsletter, if you do not want to receive our mail anymore, you can change it in your account on

2.Posted content

All information, music, videos, images, games, text or other material called “Content”, whether published or private, is subject to the obligations of the poster. Upload such content, which means you are solely responsible for the content that you post. IZT can not control and monitor the content that you post to the service, so there is no guarantee of the quality and integrity of the content.

When you use the service, you may be exposed to offensive content, not seriously. In all such cases, IZT will not be liable for any form of content that is offensive, indecent, or error-prone in content, or for any damage or loss. incurred in the use of other transmission content through the service.

IZT allows users and members to play games, exchange and comment on our site, but users and members must agree absolutely not to use our services to:

  • Post content that is considered illegal, harmful, threatening, harassing, abusive, libellous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, libellous and harmful to the privacy of others.
  • Upload or post any unauthorised advertising, promotional materials, spam, junk mail or bulk mail, or any advertising.
  • Archives, collects personal information of users, other members on our website.
  • Harmful to minors in any form.
  • Deliberately disturbing, posting material that contains viruses, malicious code, or interfering with or damaging the functioning of a computer or other telecommunications device.
  • IZT reserves the right to refrain, remove any content that we believe is invalid, or any user or user who knowingly or unknowingly violates the policy will be disqualified, commented or deleted permanently.

3.Link to website will have many links to websites from other websites or partners, but IZT is not the owner of such websites, so we will not be held responsible for any products, content, advertising or any other services on those websites, and we will not be held responsible or liable either directly or indirectly for any risk that you believe to use of the product, content, advertising or any other services of these websites.

4.End or cancel

When you register for our membership, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us directly, we will process your requests within 48 hours of upon receipt of your request. And when you receive a letter from us, with any title like cancellation or termination, your cancellation has been completed. For some members who do not agree with the terms or intentionally harm our website, when we detect them, we reserve the right to suspend the account of that member during the suspension or Cancel, we will disable and remove the membership and all related information of that member.

5.Private privacy chooses the strongest solution to protect user privacy on our website. You may access the Privacy section for more information about our privacy protection about you.